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Now... in a few seconds, by just gliding your wax scrapers through the Ski Scraper Sharpener you can reclaim a sharp, crisp edge ... effortlessly, each and every time, wherever you are.

The Ski Scraper Sharpener is affordable, light weight, and portable. Whenever or Wherever you need it... the AC Adapter for the back shop, hotel tuning room, at home OR hook it up to a 12 - 30 volt drill battery and use it at the top of the hill or in the parking lot!! With the Ski Scraper Sharpener you can now transform those dull, chipped, or cupped scrapers into sharp, useable tools in just a few seconds. 1 (one) year warranty on parts and labor
• Notes: Accepts scrapers up to 7.6mm, more than 1/4"
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