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    What basic tools do I need for ski or snowboard tuning?
    How often should I tune my skis or snowboard?

    It depends on usage, but generally, every 5-10 days on the slopes is a good guideline.

    Can I use a regular iron for waxing my skis or snowboard?

    It’s not recommended. Ski waxing irons are designed specifically for the task, ensuring proper temperature control.

    How do I choose the right wax for my skis or snowboard?

    Select wax based on temperature and snow conditions. Colder temperatures require harder waxes, while warmer conditions need softer waxes.

    What's the correct way to apply wax to skis or snowboard?

    Melt the wax onto the base using a waxing iron, then spread it evenly with the iron. Let it cool before scraping off the excess.