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    Edge Beveling for Skis & Snowboards

    Edge Bevel Tools and How They Work

    Tools and Supplies Required:

    If you’re diving into the world of ski or snowboard tuning, the array of tools and equipment can seem overwhelming. Edge bevel tools are no exception, but fear not! Let’s break down the basics to help you make an informed decision.

    Understanding the Need for Bevel Guides:

    • Skis and snowboards have two edges: the side edge and the base edge, both requiring maintenance.
    • To ensure consistent angle accuracy along the entire length of the edge, a bevel guide is essential.
    • While some might claim to “feel” the angle like a tuning savant, it’s best to rely on a guide for precise results until your dog learns to drive.

    Two Approaches to Beveling: Bevel Devices: These tools feature a plastic or metal body that accommodates small file or stone inserts.

    • Most models include an adjustment knob to set your desired bevel angle, making them convenient and user-friendly.
    • Some versatile models cater to both side and base edges, streamlining the tuning process.
    • While they offer precise results, be mindful of more frequent cleaning or replacement of file inserts.
    • Ideal for families with multiple pairs of skis, beginners, or those seeking efficiency without sacrificing accuracy.

    Side and Base Bevel Guides: These guides resemble angle-iron and slide along the base to hold the file or stone at a specific angle.

    • They offer flexibility, allowing you to use your preferred file or stone.
    • With longer file life and greater cutting sensitivity, they provide ultimate precision for experienced tuners.
    • However, they require more attentiveness and skill, and degree-specific models may necessitate multiple guides.
    • Suitable for tuners seeking flexibility and precision who are willing to invest extra time at the tuning bench.

    Making Your Choice:

    • Consider your tuning experience, preferences, and tuning frequency when selecting a bevel tool.
    • If you value convenience and ease of use, opt for a bevel device.
    • For tuners who prioritize precision and flexibility, side and base bevel guides offer greater customization.

    Final Thoughts: Choosing the right edge bevel tool is crucial for achieving optimal performance on the slopes. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned tuner, selecting the tool that aligns with your needs and preferences will ensure smoother glides and sharper turns.

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