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    Ski Vise Techniques: Tips for Efficiency

    Using Snowboard/Ski Vises

    Tools and Supplies Required:

    • Snowboard/ Ski Vise

    Ski and snowboard vises are essential tools for maintaining your gear, ensuring smooth rides and optimal performance on the slopes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use ski/snowboard vises effectively, along with some tips and tricks to enhance your tuning experience:


    • Place your ski/snowboard vises on a sturdy workbench or table, ensuring stability during tuning.
    • Adjust the width of the vises to match the width of your skis or snowboard. Most vises have adjustable jaws to accommodate different sizes.

    Securing the Gear:

    • Insert your skis or snowboard base-up into the vises, ensuring they are centered and level.
    • Use the vise clamps to secure the gear firmly in place. Ensure that the skis/snowboard are held securely without excessive movement.

    Base Work:

    • For ski base work, such as edge filing, scraping, or waxing, ensure the ski is securely held in the vise.
    • Adjust the angle of the ski/snowboard as needed for easier access to different areas of the base.

    Edge Work:

    • When working on ski or snowboard edges, position the gear in the vise to provide easy access to the edges.
    • Use edge tuning tools such as files, stones, or edge bevelers to sharpen and smooth the edges as desired.


    • Apply wax to the base of the ski/snowboard evenly, covering the entire surface.
    • Use a waxing iron to melt the wax into the base, then let it cool and harden.
    • Scrape off excess wax using a plastic scraper, then brush the base to achieve a smooth finish.

    Tips and Tricks:

    • Stable Support: If your workbench is not stable enough, consider using additional support or mounting the vises on a dedicated tuning stand.
    • Extra Grip: To prevent skis or snowboards from slipping in the vises, wrap rubber bands around the tails or use sticky-back foam pads on the inside of the vise jaws.
    • Dual Tuning: Save time by tuning two skis or a snowboard simultaneously using double-row pegs or additional supports on your tuning bench.
    • Brake Retainers: Use short lengths of wire, rubber O-rings, or velcro ski straps to hold ski brakes out of the way during tuning.
    • Adjustable Height: If your ski bindings have large heel units, use wood blocks to raise the ski vises higher off the bench for better clearance.